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Our Story

Building better businesses

When veteran bankers Don Griffith and Deborah Marsten conceived the vision for Grandpoint Bank in 2008, it was a challenging time for traditional banking. But they love a challenge. And they know how to marshal the right people and resources around a good idea. They assembled a like-minded team of bankers who love to find fresh, creative ways to put banking to work for clients, help them overcome challenges and grow their companies.

Today, Grandpoint is a $3.4-billion-asset bank. We built it by combining the resources, and talents, of select community banks in southern California, Arizona and southern Washington, each with a well-earned reputation for taking great care of clients. Our size gives us strength beyond a community bank. Our respect for regional distinctions keeps us well tuned to the needs within each of our five regions.

Chart showing annual balance sheet growth from 12/31/13 through 12/31/16

We’ve grown Grandpoint in the same challenging environment our clients face each day. We know what it takes to launch and run a business because we’ve done it ourselves. That's why we go above and beyond to make things work for our clients. We bring good business sense and a collaborative, can-do attitude to every relationship.

We support our clients with a comprehensive platform of financial products and services that addresses their needs today, and adapts with them as they grow. Our clients come to us with complex issues – because we have a proven track record of solving them. We may look like a typical bank, but we always strive to provide value beyond banking, to help our clients build better businesses.

Maps showing Grandpoint Bank branch locations in Calif., Ariz., Wash.

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