Photo of Matthew Pobloske, Sensintel, with drone

Bank of Tucson’s relationship with Sensintel began in 1989, when the company’s founders approached Mike Hannley for a startup loan. After they presented their business plan, Mike and his team developed an out of the box solution to help them obtain the capital they needed. Within a few years, the small startup business, then known as ACR, had begun supplying custom ceramic parts, unmanned aircraft vehicles and related products to the U.S. Navy.

In 2009, ACR was purchased by BAE Systems, Inc. for $16 million. After the purchase, ACR evolved into BAE Systems Unmanned Aircraft Programs, Inc., providing equipment for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). BAE Systems UAP personnel flew more than 1,400 sorties in excess of 4,600 combat flight hours in support of Army Asymmetric Warfare.

Matthew Pobloske had been the Director of Business Development and Operations Manager since the company’s launch, and continued to serve in this role when the company became part of BAE. When BAE offered to sell the business back to Mr. Pobloske in 2013, he was faced with the challenge of pulling together the resources to complete this complex transaction. He turned to the team at Bank of Tucson for help. Bank of Tucson Vice President Keith Simmonds collaborated with Mike Hannley and the senior leadership at the bank for over a year, to craft a customized, multifaceted strategy that would enable Mr. Pobloske to repurchase the company.

Today, Mr. Pobloske is the president of the company now known as Sensintel. The company operates a robust manufacturing business of unmanned aircraft and unmanned boats for the U.S. government, national security and border patrol agencies, as well as for agriculture clients. Going forward, Sensintel’s focus will be on diversifying its core business into markets beyond military applications.

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