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Photo of Stan Morris, Peoples Mortgage, at a residential construction site

Peoples Mortgage opened its doors in Arizona in 1998 with the mission of offering competitive mortgage financing with unmatched service. This straightforward approach has given Peoples a solid reputation in the industry and paved the way for national expansion. Today, Peoples consistently ranks in the top 10 mortgage bankers in Arizona, and the company now has 27 offices in five states and is licensed in 21 states.

Mr. Morris has banked with Biltmore for more than a decade. Over the past eight years, and through a challenging market, Peoples Mortgage has grown 700 percent, into a billion-dollar business that employs over 250 loan officers and lends in 21 states. In this time, Rich Endicott and the Biltmore team have, helped Mr. Morris finance his growth and expansion into niche market segments through the development of customized products, provide referrals, and more.

One of the unique benefits that Peoples Mortgage offers is the ability to stay in front of lending needs with products and services for their customers. Mr. Morris drew upon Biltmore’s expertise and our deep familiarity with his company’s objectives and marketplace when we collaborated with him to create Peoples’ groundbreaking “Fresh Start” mortgage offering. These innovative “Fresh Start” loans were developed to help people impacted by the economic recession, so that they might once again achieve the dream of homeownership. Now that Biltmore has become a division of Grandpoint, we have the capacity to fund a significantly greater number of “Fresh Start” loans for Peoples Mortgage. We also worked with him to develop Canadian Financing (for second home financing for Canadian Nationals.)

In turn, Peoples has been Biltmore’s go-to resource when referring mortgage clients. To date, Rich and the team have referred hundreds of ongoing, long-term clients to Mr. Morris, secure in the knowledge that they will receive the same level of service to which they are accustomed from Biltmore.

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