Moeller Manufacturing Co.

Photo of Ron and Marcia Moeller and their son, Moeller Manufacturing

Moeller Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. is the industry leader in aerospace/aircraft OEM and custom washers, spacers and shims. Founded in 1978 by President and CEO Ron Moeller and his wife, Vice President Marsha Moeller, the company manufactures parts for both military and commercial aircraft – and even the Space Shuttle! Their company’s growth has been gradual, but remarkable. Over the years, Ron and Marsha have worked together to grow their client list to include Boeing, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell, McDonnell Douglas, Northrop Grumman and Cessna.

Grandpoint Executive Vice President and Regional Credit Administrator Rich Bianchini began working with Moeller Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. in 1984, and the Moellers have been loyal customers ever since. Rich and the Grandpoint Bank team have watched with pride as Moeller Manufacturing evolved from its first small industrial space into a consolidated manufacturing facility in Anaheim, where the company maintains an inventory of 25,000 different parts. With demand for their product growing, the Moellers are currently looking to expand into even larger quarters.

The Moellers maintain a close relationship with the Bank. For a family-owned business like theirs, helping current leadership prepare for the eventual transition to the next generation is critically important. Our team has been collaborating with Mr. and Mrs. Moeller to help them anticipate and plan for Moeller Manufacturing’s continued future success.

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