DiscFlo Corporation

Photo of Max Gurth, Discflo Corporation

Discflo Corporation leads the field in engineering pump solutions for hard-to-pump applications. Founded in 1982, the company has established a reputation for designing pumps to solve some of the industry’s toughest pumping problems, in categories as diverse as wastewater treatment, offshore oil platforms, pharmaceutical manufacturing and mining.

The Discpump and Discpac technology was invented in the 1970s by founder, President and CEO Max Gurth. He improved upon Nikola Tesla’s early design to create a patented, non-contact, non-infringement technology that is highly prized for handling difficult fluids, such as abrasive and viscous fluids, and shear sensitive fluids and emulsions. The company operates out of its headquarters in Santee, CA.

Mr. Gurth began working with Regents EVP and Regional Manager Darla Clark approximately 13 years ago, when she managed a depository relationship and small line of credit for him at the bank where she had previously worked. When Darla joined Regents Bank in 2001, Mr. Gurth followed. Over the years, as demand for Discflo’s products and services dramatically expanded in industries as diverse as oil and pharmaceuticals, Regents President Steve Sefton, Darla and their team have supported the evolving needs of Mr. Gurth’s business.

Darla’s consultative approach enabled her to work closely with Mr. Gurth, to help him expand his professional network, and capitalize on opportunities for growth. As his sales increased, the Regents team assisted Mr. Gurth with the building plan and purchase of a major manufacturing facility. They were instrumental in connecting Discflo with its key financial advisors – including the current CFO, as well as a CPA firm. Over the years, Regents has supported Discflo’s expansion into international markets, providing international letters of credit, monetary exchange, and treasury services. In the years since Mr. Gurth brought his business to Regents Bank, Discflo’s sales have doubled. Today, Discflo operates in the United States, Dubai, South America, Sweden and Finland.


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