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Detect Safe Browsing

We take your security very seriously. That's why we're excited to offer you a free industry-leading security application to protect your online banking activity -- Detect Safe Browsing

Detect Safe Browsing (DSB), from Easy Solutions, provides not only security protection for your desktop computer when you access our online banking website but also for all the mobile devices you use with our mobile online banking app.

This free service replaces Trusteer Rapport, which we previously offered to our clients. The protection is optional, but we encourage you to check out the details below.

An additional layer of security

For your desktop

DSB provides secure navigation to our online banking websites, automatically shielding you from phishing, pharming and malware attacks designed to steal your account information. In the event that your device does become infected with malware, DSB will notify you of the infection, let you know what processes have been blocked, and allow you to continue to visit your protected online banking site and complete your activity. The software also provides a security record that reports all dates and times you have accessed our banking sites, and it works on all browsers.

For your mobile device

DSB provides these special security features for your mobile device when you use our mobile online banking app.

  • Alerts you when you log in from public hotspots that are not password protected
  • Restricts access to the app if your phone is face down, which may indicate the phone is being remotely controlled
  • Alerts you if your phone's software  has been tampered with, which can make your device extremely vulnerable to malware infections
  • Provides additional security breach alerts

DSB will be automatically incorporated into your mobile device as part of a mobile app update after October 18, 2017.

How to get started

It is easy to get started. There is nothing to log into, no new passwords to remember. Detect Safe Browsing is a very small and fast download that you install on devices you use to access your online accounts at Grandpoint Bank and its divisions, Bank of Tucson, Regents Bank and The Biltmore Bank of Arizona.The software runs quietly in the background and provides you with the security you need to avoid becoming a victim of online fraud, without changing your online banking experience.

To download the software:

  • Click on the link below to download the installer for your operating system (Windows or Mac).
  • After the download is complete, run the installer to place the software on your device.
  • A pop-up message will appear notifying you that DSB is scanning your computer.
  • You'll know Detect Safe Browsing is running when you see the small Security Shield icon on your taskbar.

Download (Windows)

Download (Mac)

You can also download the software within your online banking session by clicking on the the "Download Now" button in the Detect Safe Browsing pop-up window.


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