Treasury Management Services

Grandpoint's suite of treasury management products is designed to help businesses manage their cash more effectively. Whether you have remote or multi-state depository requirements, large amounts of cash receipts to process or the need to streamline your accounts receivable function, Grandpoint has a product to meet your individual requirements.


Our business online banking service helps your business remain competitive in a dynamic marketplace, grow your business, drive efficiencies and enhance your bottom line by giving you the power to:

  • View your bank statements online
  • View account balances and transaction details, including check images
  • Set up multiple users and customize their access and limits to match your specific needs
  • Create a stop payment request for a single check or a range of checks
  • Set up account alerts to be notified of important account activity
  • Schedule future and repeating transfers between accounts
  • Sign up for bill payment; pay and view bills online
  • Export information to Microsoft Money and QuickBooks
  • Reorder checks online

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Business Bill Pay

Grandpoint's Business Bill Pay allows you to pay bills online from your accounts, set up one-time payments or recurring payments for up to 12 months in advance, run customized reports to track spending, and stay secure by reducing the number of paper checks.
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Positive Pay

This powerful tool helps you reduce check fraud loss by enabling you to view, decide on and approve checks written against your account before the Bank pays them. By examining fields, such as check amount, payee or check number, and alerting you with the discrepancies, you can verify against your issue files, evaluate and decide whether to pay or return the item. 
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Account Reconcilement

Grandpoint's Account Reconcilement service puts an independent, third-party "set of eyes" on your accounts by resolving missing and late deposits, mis-posted items and overs and shorts as quickly as possible. All you have to do is give us your list of issued checks in a specified data transmission format, and we do the rest. At the end of your statement cycle, we'll give you a balanced account statement.
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ACH Origination

Enjoy more control and greater flexibility managing your business finances through our Internet ACH services, which give you desktop access to initiate, verify, reverse and delete transactions from any internet connection in a fast and secure way. You're just a keystroke away from online management of a variety of payments and/or collections.
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ACH Fraud Protection Services

Grandpoint's Automated Clearing House (ACH) Fraud Protection Services provide the tools you need to help protect your company from fraudulent electronic transactions and compromised account information. Services include ACH debit blocking, ACH credit blocking and ACH filters.
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ACH Tax Payment

Paying taxes is simple and hassle-free with Grandpoint's ACH Tax Payment service. Simply initiate payments on the Web and receive confirmation of your payments. Save time, improve reporting and track your corporate payroll, sales and property taxes. Funds are sent electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and comply with federal and state mandates.

Remote Deposit Capture

Grandpoint's Remote Deposit service simplifies your life by allowing you to deposit to your Grandpoint accounts at your convenience from your desk or anywhere in the United States. All you need is a specialized scanner, PC and Bank-approved software that transmits checks electronically and sends images to the Bank for deposit. This state-of-the-art technology reduces your time and liability by delivering your deposits through courier services or in person, and improves your efficiency and cash flow.
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Deposit Link

Our Deposit Link service helps you manage your complex depository network with ease and convenience across an expansive multistate territory through our alliance of correspondent banks. At Grandpoint, you can establish a single interstate account for deposits and disbursements and receive location-specific reporting that provides all the deposit detail needed to manage your credits and cash on a daily basis.
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Cash Vault Services 

Concerned about the safety and security of your employees making large cash deposits or picking up cash from your business account? Grandpoint's convenient, secure and efficient Cash Vault Services give you the peace of mind you deserve by reducing your exposure to loss and eliminating trips to a branch. In addition, you can order currency and coin online and have it delivered by armored carrier.
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Lockbox Service

Improve your cash flow and speed up your collections by reducing associated float time and streamlining remittance processing with our Lockbox Service. Our comprehensive service offers timely payment receipt reporting and allows you access to electronic and paper remittance images online to update your receivables or research customer questions.
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Wire Services

Enjoy greater flexibility and more control by using our online Wire Services. Our easy online wire capability allows you to send funds on a one-time or repetitive basis domestically and internationally in a fast, secure and convenient way.

Direct Deposit Payroll

Decrease processing costs, reduce exposure to check fraud by eliminating paper checks, and improve employee satisfaction by offering Direct Deposit of your payroll. Funds are transferred directly into your employees' bank accounts to reduce the cost of issuing checks and enable employees to have timely access to their funds, even if they are away from the office or at home.

Merchant Services

Expand your customer base, increase your sales and revenue, and reduce operating losses by offering innovative payment options, including credit cards, pin-based debit cards, gift cards, electronic check acceptance and more. Merchant Services allows you to credit funds from all major credit cards directly to your checking account with the highest level of customer service.And we offer a choice of advanced processing technologies, including wireless, Internet and PC-based options.
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Zero Balance Account

Does your business have a need for multiple corporate checking accounts for reasons of segregated duties or simply due to geography? Grandpoint's Zero Balance Account can help you control, manage and maintain your desired cash balances by enabling you to transfer funds from several accounts to a single account each business day automatically.
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