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After beginning our initial acquisition phase in 2010, we completed the subsequent consolidation phase by incorporating 11 financial institutions into Grandpoint Bank. We are now focused on our continued growth, and further enhancing the value of the organization that we have built over the last five years.

Over the past 12 months, we have executed our strategy — to offer new and existing clients the benefits of expanded capabilities through the same regionally based, trusted point of contact. As a result, Grandpoint grew total assets by 21.3% in 2014. Grandpoint has gone from $97 million in assets to approximately $2.7 billion within five years. We are a 1% Return on Assets (ROA) bank as of the fourth quarter 2014, and we forecast that the first quarter of 2015 will be as good, if not better. I am proud of the institution we’ve created, the progress we’ve made and the value we’ve brought to our clients.

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Our People

It is my belief that the people who make up the Grandpoint team are our most valuable assets, and are instrumental in creating a robust pipeline of growth through the client relationships they foster. Our seasoned team members bring value beyond banking to Grandpoint clients by taking a personal interest in every client’s success. Clients appreciate our entrepreneurial thinking, extensive understanding of their businesses, and deep roots in the local economies in which they operate. Today, our people are bringing the true value of our decentralized structure to life more than ever, as clients enjoy the advantages of higher lending limits, access to senior leadership and more, all while working with the same bankers they have trusted for years.

Our Regions

The strength of our franchise is driven by the quality of our client relationships in each of Grandpoint’s regions.

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We invite you to read on, to learn more about how our people are creating value for clients in the regions we serve. [See Key Regions]


History teaches that issues arise when banks attempt to grow too quickly, and sacrifice prudence in the process. Our approach has been influenced by watching this dynamic unfold in various ways over the last 40 years. Safety in banking is a major concern in the industry today, and it’s something we take very seriously. Grandpoint serves privately held businesses and their owners, professionals and entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are uniquely positioned to understand the needs of our client base, and as major shareholders, we have a personal stake in Grandpoint’s success. This is why we manage Grandpoint with the same care that our clients take with their own companies.

Unlike the CEOs of many of the financial institutions that found themselves in crisis due to mismanagement, I am a major Grandpoint owner, and I take personal pride in our team’s ability to operate a clean, healthy bank that remains in good standing with regulators. We maintain a Tier 1 Leverage Capital Ratio of 10.6%, with delinquent loans of less than 1%. We are not interested in pursuing rapid growth at the expense of caution. In a slow-growing economy, we will continue to focus on efficiency and managing expenses, in addition to safety, as we move forward.

Confronting Cyber Fraud

In the past year, cyber fraud has emerged as a major challenge to security and safety in many industries, including banking. We feel that there is an enemy out there that is bigger than all of us, and we have devoted a significant amount of time into looking for solutions to safeguard our data against this threat. As we gather expertise in this area, we look forward to sharing our findings with clients, so that they may take all the necessary and available measures to protect themselves and their businesses. As with all that we do, it is our belief that we are in this together, and we look forward to the opportunity to share our experience with you.

We are grateful for the continued loyalty of our clients. We are committed to earning your confidence and business in the years ahead.

Don M. Griffith

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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Don M. Griffith

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer